Our quiz – Your wedding dreams

by admin

The wedding ceremony is one great event in the life of every man and woman. We will see what a twenty-four-year-old man thinks of the tradition of buying a diamond ring and the other things around the wedding.

What do you thing about wedding ceremonies?
Well, it is something very important. Boys and girls dream of their wedding since the age of 3 or 4. And if the love is real it is the most important thing in a man’s life.
Are you married?
No. I am not married yet.

What kind of engagement ring will you buy for your bride?
Well, I do not know. When the time comes I will choose a really nice ring, maybe a diamond ring. I hope I will have enough money because these are the most expensive kind of rings.

And where do you want to celebrate the wedding?
Well, first we will go to the city hall for our civil wedding; next we will go to the church and after that in some really nice restaurant where all guests will enjoy the evening.

And what about the honeymoon? Some couples do not have one because of the work and other obligations.
Well, I do not think we will have enough time for a whole month but we will go somewhere for several days. That is quite normal. We are a new family and we have to stay alone for some time.

Which are the three most important things in a wedding?
Well the most important thing is the diamond ring, every woman dreams of it. The second is the place to celebrate and the third are our guests. I do not talk about feelings because there will be no wedding without love. That is why I told you about the other things.

So this was a poll with one nice person who is still not married but we do not know. May be soon he will be the next member of a young family. We wish him a great ceremony just like this one on the video below: