Our quiz – Your wedding dreams

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The wedding ceremony is one great event in the life of every man and woman. We will see what a twenty-four-year-old man thinks of the tradition of buying a diamond ring and the other things around the wedding.

What do you thing about wedding ceremonies?
Well, it is something very important. Boys and girls dream of their wedding since the age of 3 or 4. And if the love is real it is the most important thing in a man’s life.
Are you married?
No. I am not married yet.

What kind of engagement ring will you buy for your bride?
Well, I do not know. When the time comes I will choose a really nice ring, maybe a diamond ring. I hope I will have enough money because these are the most expensive kind of rings.

And where do you want to celebrate the wedding?
Well, first we will go to the city hall for our civil wedding; next we will go to the church and after that in some really nice restaurant where all guests will enjoy the evening.

And what about the honeymoon? Some couples do not have one because of the work and other obligations.
Well, I do not think we will have enough time for a whole month but we will go somewhere for several days. That is quite normal. We are a new family and we have to stay alone for some time.

Which are the three most important things in a wedding?
Well the most important thing is the diamond ring, every woman dreams of it. The second is the place to celebrate and the third are our guests. I do not talk about feelings because there will be no wedding without love. That is why I told you about the other things.

So this was a poll with one nice person who is still not married but we do not know. May be soon he will be the next member of a young family. We wish him a great ceremony just like this one on the video below:

The wedding as a symbol

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The wedding is something very important in people’s life. It is not only a ceremony where two people say “I love you”. It is a symbol of the love between two people. Another symbol is the engagement ring that the man offers to the woman and after the wedding comes the wedding ring. The difference between these two kinds of rings is that the wedding is often decorated with gems – diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and others. The wedding ring is golden and without any diamonds or other gems on it. It is a symbol of the marriage.

There are a lot of things to do around a wedding. And many of them must be prepared by the bridegroom.wedding symbols When a couple is ready for the marriage and they are already engaged, they have to reserve a restaurant, order the wedding dress, choose what kind of food will be served to the guests, choose the wedding suit and the most important thing to choose a diamond ring.

The ring for the bride is something that has to be considered as the most important thing. That is because every woman dreams for this ring since her early childhood. That is why every man must buy a really beautiful ring. In Christian religion there are a lot of guests who give gifts to the couple. In Bulgaria most of the people have started giving money because in this way they give a chance to the couple to spend the money on their own will.

The biggest problem that every man faces is the choice of the diamond ring. Some of the bridegrooms buy engagement rings with different type of stones – rubies, sapphires and so on. But the most popular are the diamond rings. There are different types with different number of diamonds and of course different sizes of the stones. The bigger the number and the size of the stones are, the more expensive the ring is.

The difference between the Christian and the Muslim weddings

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First we will talk about the Christian weddings. In Christianity the church gives its blessing to the marriage. The ceremonies in the Christian religion are based on the reference to our God. There are two wedding ceremonies – the civil and the church weddings. The church ceremony is presided by a Christian priest. The civil is conducted by a member of the civil authority. The customs between the different Christian nations vary a lot.

The Muslim weddings are very colourful. The Qur’an (the holy book of the Muslim-WeddingMuslim) says that the couple must protect each other and the only thing the couple say is “for one another”. The Muslim weddings are always public and they are so different from the Christian that we cannot imagine the way of their celebrating.

Of course there are other weddings. All are different. Even the Christian religion has a lot of variations among the nations. In Bulgaria we are Orthodox Christians and our celebrations begin with the engagement. The man gives the woman a diamond ring and after the engagement the couple goes to the wedding ceremony. We celebrate in churches, then go on with the celebration in a restaurant and, of course, we don’t forget the civil wedding in the city hall. This is our way of getting married and all people start thinking of it since early childhood. A movie or a real wedding can be the reason for a lot of dreams.

And after we mentioned the diamond rings we have to say something about them. Every woman wants a beautiful ring for her marriage. And there are a lot of different models of rings. Some men prefer rings with other gemstones. It is because the diamonds are expensive and there are other gems that are beautiful but cheaper. There is a difference between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. The wedding ring is golden without any gems with the inscription for the marriage.